Answers and best practices from the CleverBooster Team

  1. Go to integrations on the left sidebar. Click on “Install Snippet” to insert app code automatically (step 1)
  2. If you want to put the questions & answers widget to your custom location, you can click on “{% render ‘cb_product-questions-answers’ %}” field to copy code (step 2.a), then click on “Open Theme” to edit the live theme (step 2.b)
  3. Look for product-template.liquid on Shopify theme editor, click to open it (step 3)
  4. Paste code into the file (mostly you should put it above the last </div>). Then click on save the file (step 4)
  5. Open product detail page on your storefront to verify if the app work (step 5)

step 1 & 2
step 3 & 4

step 5
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