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You can follow this guide to uninstall apps

a) if you have not removed the app from your Shopify store, you can open this link and click to Uninstall button at the bottom of the page
uninstall button

b) If you have removed app from your Shopify store already. You can follow these steps

  • Open your theme management on your store https://{your-shopify-store}
  • Click “Action” dropdown on the live theme section
  • Click on “Edit code”
  • Look for code line "{% render 'cb_product-questions-answers' %}"  in "sections/product-template.liquid" or "templates/product.liquid" files, remove the line and save that file (view screenshot)
  • Open templates/page.liquid and remove 2 lines "{% render 'cb_faq-widget', widgetposition: 'top' %}" and "{% render 'cb_faq-widget', widgetposition: 'bottom' %}", then save it (check screenshot)
  • Look for on “Snippets” folder
    • Open “Snippets/cb_faq-widget.liquid” file and delete it (view screenshot)
    • Open “Snippets/cb_faq-widget.liquid” file and delete it  (view screenshot)

  • Image 2021-08-25 at 8.08.16 PM.png 156 KB

  • remove render code
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